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6 Reasons to Consider Fiber Optic for Your Business

Fiber Optic
In the last few years, fiber optic internet has become a buzzword in the world of connectivity, networking, and telecommunications. Fiber optic is an alternative to traditional broadband internet transmitted via copper wires. If you are looking for solutions that can deliver high-performance, costeffectiveness, and scalable connectivity, consider installing fiber optic internet.
Here are several reasons why fiber optic internet is a smart investment for your business.
1. Higher Speeds
The biggest payoff for installing fiber optic internet is the connectivity speeds. Slow connectivity is not only annoying; slow speeds can cost your business in lost productivity and poor customer service.
Fiber optic internet is significantly faster than the fastest traditional copper internet connections. Fiber optic internet speeds range from as low as 5Mbps to 1000Mbps and more to meet the data needs of different businesses.
Fiber optic delivers symmetric speed. This means users can upload and download content at the same speed, which further supports productivity.
With all-around fast speeds, you can conduct business operations seamlessly even when demand for internet in the office as at its highest.
2. Higher Bandwidth Availability
If you experience slow internet speeds and delays when using business services such as cloud applications, video conferencing, and hosted telephone services, consider upgrading to fiber optic internet.
Processes such as file sharing, live streaming, SIP trunking, and web conferencing utilize large amounts of data. If you are using traditional cable internet for such processes, you can easily exceed the bandwidth limitations, which can reduce the internet speeds drastically.
Fiber optic internet has bandwidth limits but these parameters are significantly higher and can support data-intensive business processes without decreasing internet speeds.
3. Stronger Signal
Signal strength greatly affects the quality and reliability of internet connectivity. Broadband internet transmitted through conventional copper cables tends to lose signal strength with distance.
On the contrary, fiber optic cables are specially designed to deliver internet over long distances without weakening the signal strength, therefore guaranteeing reliable connectivity at all times.
Large facilities that require distribution of internet across long distances for end-user access can benefit from the strong high-performance signals that fiber optic delivers.
4. Better Security
Today, cyber-security is among the biggest threats to businesses, with losses from cyber-attacks amounting to millions of dollars each year.
Cybercriminals use relatively easy methods to infiltrate traditional broadband data connections. On the other hand, hackers would have to cut fiber cables to interrupt data connectivity.
While fiber optics will not mitigate all cyber-security threats, this internet solution is less penetrable.
5. Greater Reliability
Copper cables are particularly prone to damage from environmental factors such as inclement weather. This can result in frequent disconnections and prolonged downtimes, which can affect your bottom line.
On the other, glass is the main material in fiber optic cables and is, therefore, more resistant to harsh weather elements, electromagnetic interruptions, and radio interference, making fiber optic internet connections more reliable.
6. Better Value
The common belief is that fiber is too expensive. However, as new methods of designing networks emerge and technology in this field evolves, fiber optic is delivering comparably better value for money.
The advantages of fiber technology far outweigh the costs. Because of the long-distance capabilities, fiber optic connections do not require as many site electronics as copper cable connections do, allowing you to save costs on such equipment.
Additionally, potentially cost-saving tools such as cloud applications, video and web conferencing, and VoIP can all benefit from reliable, high-speed fiber optic internet connectivity.
Whether you are migrating from copper cables or you are installing new fiber technology, fiber optics cabling is a significant investment but one that will pay for itself.
Alamo Communications, Inc. can provide the voice and data cable solutions your business needs. Call us today to learn more about our services.


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