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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Business Phone System

Dialing A Telephone In Office
Your phone system is a crucial point of contact between your organization and your customers. Your business needs constantly evolve, and you need a solid communication system that is easily scalable and can keep up with your growing business. If you have an old phone system, consider one of these several upgrades.

1. VoIP

If you do not yet have a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, now is a good time to consider one. Small businesses can realize 50 to 75 percent in savings by installing a VoIP system.
VoIP does not require extensive infrastructure, lines, and cables. Phones easily integrate into existing computer networks or software.
Consider VoIP if you want to save costs on international and long-distance calls and to connect remote employees more effectively. Look for a VoIP phone system that is equipped with SIP trunking for improved call quality.

2. Voicemail Transcription

Managing voicemail messages can be time-consuming, especially if you have to listen to one message at a time.
To save time and effort, consider a phone system with voicemail transcription that lets customer-facing staff such as the sales representatives or administrative assistants to quickly read voicemails in their email inbox.
These phone systems utilize speech recognition technology to transcribe voice into text while retaining the original audio recording.

3. Unified Communications

The lack of integration between the different communication channels in your office could cost your business in terms of low productivity, customer dissatisfaction, and lost revenue.
Implement a unified communications system that ties your phone system with other important communication channels including chat, email, video, mobile, and others.
Unified communications enable seamless and real-time collaboration among employees regardless of geographical location. Integrated communications also allow effective engagement with customers, all done from a single interface. 

4. Conference Calling

The ability to communicate with clients, employees, and other stakeholders across multiple geographical locations is increasingly important for the modern organization. Consider upgrading to a phone system that can facilitate conference calling.
Some phone systems only support a few participants in any given conference call. If business conferencing is a priority, opt for a phone system with greater conferencing capabilities to support more people in a single conference call.
Ask your phone system provider about conference bridging. This add-on feature lets you automate conference calls by presetting a specific time for the conference and having the system automatically call participants at the set time.

5. Mobile Pairing

Integrate your desk phone with employees' mobile phones for easy accessibility. With the mobile pairing feature, the mobile phone will ring at the same time as the desk extension and the employee can answer either of the phones.
Mobile pairing can be a great solution for large facilities that do not have adequate wireless phone solutions. Pairing is especially important for staying in touch with critical employees such as the sales and IT staff.

6. CRM Integration

Today, customers demand better services and support and interact with businesses using multiple channels.
To attend to the needs of your customers more efficiently, integrate your customer relationship management (CRM) tools with your phone system.
CRM integration eliminates the need for employees to manually update information during or after every call, which is not only time-consuming but could also lead to information discrepancies.
Integrating your CRM with the phone system further allows a seamless collection of important customer data, voicemail automation, and omnichannel customer engagement.
Whether you struggle with an increase in call volumes or you want to unify your business communication functions, upgrading your business phone system can deliver maximum ROI, customer satisfaction, and staff productivity.
Do not let an outdated phone system slow down your operations. Speak to the experts at Alamo Communications, Inc., for innovative telephone solutions that we can customize to your specific needs.


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